Grand Class Melee 2


Grand Class Melee 2 (GCM2) is a RPG Job-system arena brawler. It is a direct sequel to my first project, Grand Class Melee, being of similar gameplay. The main difference of the two projects were the systems they were developed for, their scope, and my experience as a developer. GCM2 was my first project to be released on the PC, and the first one to incorporate 3rd party subsidiary frameworks (SteamAPI).


  • Full Steam Support, including;
    • Achivements
    • Cloud Saving
    • Trading Cards
    • Leaderboards
    • Workshop andUser-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Robust and configurable multi-input support, including;
    • Keyboard
    • Generic USB Gamepad
    • Xbox 360 Gamepad
    • Xbox One Gamepad
    • Steam Controller
  • Robust combat and job systems;
    • 60 unique abilities
    • Modular abilities that had to allow for dynamic changes
  • Tile-based maps;
    • Large randomly generated terrain
    • Rivers, trees, lakes, and grass generated in realitic and interesting ways