Fantasy Bump


Fantasy Bump is a 1-6 player casual game for PC, Mac, Linux, as well as for Xbox One. It is the third major project that Tyler worked on, and was the first of his projects done in Unity3D.


  • Full Steam Support, including;
    • Achivements
    • Cloud Saving
    • Trading Cards
    • Leaderboards
    • Matchmaking
  • Robust and configurable multi-input support, including;
    • Keyboard
    • Generic USB Gamepad
    • Xbox 360 Gamepad
    • Xbox One Gamepad
    • Steam Controller
  • Online Play, both;
    • Direct IP connect
    • Matchmaking
  • Completely custom 2D physics;
    • Collisions
    • Diagonal collisions
    • Multi-directional gravity
    • NPC and Object collisions and interactions
  • Tile-based maps, including;
    • 31 unique levels
    • A overworld map
    • A large town to explore
    • AI
    • Pathfinding
    • Platforming
    • Decision trees
  • Six unique gameplay modes
  • Customizable characters, including;
    • Skin tone
    • Sex
    • Colour
    • Job


Fantasy Bump was created in Unity3D, with the scripts being written in C#. The online capabilities are a mix between Unity's built-in Online features as well as Steam's online features. The scripts are all fully commented, with all functions and variables having obvious and easy to understand names.

Fantasy Bump was designed using the spiral model of project management, wherein at scheduled times I would refocus my effort on design before continuing development.